Chocs Auto Solutions

Chocs Is Your Automotive Partner


The focus of the business is purchasing accident damaged motor vehicles, which are either repaired and put back on the market or stripped for the genuine used spares market. All makes and models, engines, gearboxes, body parts and panels are stripped and sold at below market related pricing.


Stock is purchased on a weekly basis, vehicles are assessed and cleared with the authorities.


A team of strippers are then tasked with testing and checking electrical spares, computer boxes, gearboxes and engines. Body parts are then checked for body putty and previous damage.


All engines sold have a clearance certificate and notification for the re-registering of the engine number for the client.


Vehicles that have been written-off are given a designation Code. Code 2 is a second-hand vehicle; Code 3 is permanently unfit and has been involved in an accident and Code 4 falls under the category of permanently demolished.


We repair and service Code 2 and Code 3 vehicles where financially feasible and these vehicles are then sold as second-hand motor vehicles.


We operate out of Ekurhuleni, have major clients in the Panel-beating Industry in Gauteng and Pretoria. Chocs closely works towards establishing business in the rest of the African Continent, especially Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ghana where we service our clients by means of courier services for delivery of spare parts.


Our branches are open seven days a week, and we offer delivery throughout Gauteng.

Business Details


Trade name: Chocs Auto Solutions and Recyclers

Registration number: 2019/008760/07

Tax No: 9766260179

Vat No: N/A

Registered Vendor Ekurhuleni: CHO 300

CSD: MAAA771213

RMI: 1006760

BEE Level 2

Member Representative: Mr J M Ngwenya

Business Address: 2 20th and Springs Road, Denneoord Ext 4 Brakpan

Postal Address: As above

Mobile number (Brakpan): 082 574 1875

Office (Brakpan): 011 813 8033

Mobile number: 065 888 2583

Office: 011 813 8060