• Mini Cooper Rebuild Back Right 1 Before

  • Mini Cooper Rebuild front  before

  • Mini Cooper Rebuild front left before

  • Nissan GTR Rebuild front before

  • BMW X Rebuild Right Side view 1

  • BMW X Rebuild Front 1

  • Mercedes Benz ML Rebuild for Sale

  • Mercedes Benz ML Rebuild for Sale

  • Mercedes E63 Rebuild Rear 1

  • Mercedes E63 Rebuild 1

Chocs Auto Salvage has a variety of stock on offer from small sedans to the latest luxury modes and although the accident damaged vehicle will need repairs, it is a cheaper alternative when purchasing a vehicle.

We advise and assist clients with the spares required to repair the accident damaged vehicle. In additional we are able to sell you the spares, we strive to be able to provide you with genuine used parts and components to restore the vehicle at great prices.

Fitment centre in Vosloorus for minor repairs, bumps and dents and the fitting of your spares!